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First Aid Training for Captains and CrewFlorida Boat & Yacht Owners, Yacht captains, Ship captains, crew and marine professionals - We offer American Heart Association, ASHI & ECSI CPR, First Aid and AED training certification classes at your location, yes - even on your boat.  Whether you captain a mega yacht or a small tender we can help you prepare for maritime medical emergencies .  Ship board CPR AED First Aid training for yachts, super yachts, fishing boats, cruise ships, tankers, freighters, trawlers, water taxis,tug boats, barges, duck boats and all other marine vessels.  Keep your crew and guests safe - schedule an onboard CPR AED and First Aid class today by calling 561-762-0500 or email Keith@TheCPRSchool.com

FREE AED (Automated External Defibrillator) inspection with each on board training class.

Florida Yacht Crew TrainingIf it floats and you have people on board you should have recent CPR & First Aid Training.  We provide professional, fully insured onsite group training classes by Florida licensed Emergency Medical Professionals.  Learn CPR AED and First Aid on your boat!    

We put the Sea in CPR.™ 
Call us for onboard ship medical emergency first aid training plus
AED Defibrillator sales, supplies and service.

The CPR School provides yachts, cruise ships, tankers, oil platforms and other marine customers with onboard Marine CPR AED and First Aid training certification classes, Tempus Telemedicine training and Coast Guard STCW 95 Medical Training. 

With Sudden Cardiac Arrest, while on dry land we instruct everyone to dial 911 immediately for help.  Start CPR and apply the AED as soon as possible.  On land, in populated areas the paramedics usually arrive in about 8-12 minutes.  While at sea, hospitals and emergency medical personnel are usually not close by and therefore you may be responsible for patient care for a much longer period of time.  That’s why The CPR School offers onboard CPR AED and First Aid safety training for captains and crew.  We go over training scenarios and talk about how to handle medical emergencies that may happen while at sea.  Unlike your typical press press blow CPR First Aid class we go over real life scenarios.  We talk about what to do if the victim is in the water, or in a hard to reach location like the bilge.  By customizing training scenarios to each client’s needs the students learn more about medical emergencies that are relevant to their vessel, their crew and their passengers.  We customize our classes for your vessel, crew and passengers.  Thats how we “We put the Sea in CPR ™”.

The CPR School offers USCG Approved CPR/First Aid couses including the STCW 95 - CPR AED and First Aid Class.

I am a Florida Boat Captain and my CPR certification expired, can you help?
Yes, we can either train you and your crew on your boat or you can attend one of our classes at our Jupiter Florida classroom.  We will update you on the latest CPR AED and First Aid Safety techniques.  Don't worry, the classes are not stressful.  You will learn a lot and have fun while you are learning.  We teach a lot of boat captains, ships crew and marine professionals.  Please call 561-762-0500 to learn more.

I am a Yacht Captain and we charter.  Can you teach a refresher class for my crew?
Yes, we can teach a CPR AED and First Aid refresher class on your yacht.  Upon completion of the class the captain and crew will receive 2 year CPR AED and First Aid certification cards.

We often charter the boat.  Should we do anything different?
Yes.  Your crew will require CPR AED and First Aid training that will cover a wide variety of onboard medical emergencies.  With charters it is difficult to predict what health conditions may exist and what medical emergencies you may encounter.  The age of the guest may also vary from the very young to the very old.  To protect the crew, the guests and to reduce your liability the ships Captain and all crew should be recertified at least once every 2 years.

I am trying to get my USCG Captains license.  Can you help?
Yes, we offer the basic CPR AED and First Aid class as well as the 8 hour STCW CPR AED and First Aid training certification course.  Please check with the United States Coast Guard (U.S.C.G) and see which course you need.  Either way we can help.

What size boats do you provide CPR AED and First Aid Medical training for?
We teach classes for sailboats, duck boats, yachts, mega yachts, sport fishing boats, trawlers, tankers, freighters, cruise ships and just about everything in between.

I just took over as Captain and have no idea what is in our ships medical kit.  Can you help?
Yes.  With each training class we typically pull out the ships medical kit and review what is in the kit with the Captain and Crew.  We will advise if everything is current and if not where you can get updates for your medical kit.  We will also test and inspect your AED (defibrillator) to make certain everything is working properly.

What do you charge to check out our AED?
We will test and inspect your AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for free with each on board training class.  If you do not require training please call us to discuss which make and model AED you have onboard.

We do not have an AED onboard, should we?
Should you have fire extinguishers?  Life jackets?  The answer to both is obviously yes and the answer to having an AED is also a strong yes.  The AED is designed to save lives, without an AED anyone suffering sudden cardiac arrest will certainly die.  An AED is an essential part of every boat captain’s first aid kit.  Call The CPR School at 561-762-0500 for all of your AED needs including new AEDs, parts, supplies, inspections and training.

How far does The CPR School travel for training classes?
The majority of our yachting customers are located in South Florida (USA).   However we will travel anywhere in the world.  We teach in the Caribbean, Bahamas, California, and anywhere else the client requires. 

The key element to any marine safety program is training.  The CPR School conducts onboard CPR AED First Aid training classes.  We believe that every member of the crew should be trained how to treat various medical emergencies including sudden cardiac arrest.  Make certain the person teaching the class has real life experience using CPR and AEDs to save lives.  I tell my customers if you want to take swimming or diving lessons would you trust an instructor that was never actually in the water?  Of course not, so make certain you learn CPR AED and First Aid from a full time insured instructor with real life CPR AED and First Aid experience.  Also, make certain if you are purchasing an AED - Automated External Defibrillator you buy one from someone that has experience using them and training people how to use them.  Please click on the above AED link to learn more about AEDs Automated External Defibrillators.

On Wednesday 11-28-2007 while traveling home from Pittsburgh I actually helped save another traveler’s life with an AED - Automated External Defibrillator in the Atlanta airport.  Trust me – CPR and AED training is the most valuable skill you can learn.  The life you save maybe a loved one.  Please click on the following link to read the story

STCW is an acronym for Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers. 95 refers to the year the member nations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted an updated version of the STCW 78 international agreement.

In the absence of any international standards, the IMO wrote and adopted the original STCW requirements in July 1978. The agreement became international law when no less than 25 nations, representing at least 50% of the world's merchant ships (over 100 tons), signed it. This happened on April 28, 1984.

By 1992, after several high profile maritime casualties, the Council of the IMO realized that the 1978 requirements did not adequately ensure that competent persons were operating the newer, larger, faster, and technologically-advanced vessels not envisioned in 1978. The Secretary General of the IMO, in cooperation with the International Labor Organization (ILO), initiated a complete review and revision of the 1978 agreement.

By July of 1995, the process was finalized with the adoption of a package of amendments to the STCW 78 Convention at an IMO Diplomatic Conference. The 95 Convention entered into force on 1 February 1997. In the United States, the US Coast Guard issued its Interim Final Rule that adopts the provisions of the convention and brings American Regulations into alignment with STCW 95.

Who Is Affected By STCW 95?
Government, ship owners, ship operators, and individual seafarers are all affected by STCW 95. STCW 95 is arguably the most important development concerning the improvement of maritime safety in over two decades. The competence of seafarers is a critical factor in the safe and efficient operation of ships. Only STCW 95 endorsements will be recognized by the USCG and their equivalent agencies (Port State Control) of nations signatory to the STCW 95 Convention.

Basic Safety Training (BST) - All ocean-going mariners, are required to demonstrate BST proficiency by completing a USCG approved course. You will be required to prove proficiency every five years. As per USCG policy letter 12-01, "A mariner who has met the requirements for initial competency in BST, and who is actively serving on seagoing ships, will be considered as having demonstrated continuing competence in BST, provided he or she completes at least one year of sea service within the past five years." If a mariner does not have a full year of sea service, he or she must complete our BST class or an equivalent USCG approved BST course.

Basic Safety Training consists of the following four elements:
1) Personal Survival
2) Elementary First Aid
3) Elementary Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention
4) Personal Safety & Social Responsibility

The CPR School teaches the United States Coast Guard STCW Elementary CPR AED & First Aid Class.   This is basic, immediate, and emergency response to the most common shipboard injury emergencies, including CPR and how to properly use an Automated External Defibrillator or AED.

Call 561-762-0500 to schedule a CPR AED First Aid class for your captain and crew.

Learn CPR & First Aid on your Florida yacht, boat, ship or other marine vessel.

Our CPR First Aid classes are educational and fun.  Our philosophy is that learning does not have to be painfully boring.  We feel that if you have fun, laugh and the class is interesting you will enjoy yourself and will absorb and retain the material better.  That’s why more people say that they love our CPR First Aid classes and recommend us to their friends.

Whether it is 1 person or 10,000 people we can provide quality CPR, First Aid and AED training for you and your crew.  We provide professional CPR, First Aid and AED training classes at your Florida location - onboard or at the marina or at our Jupiter Florida classroom.  Our classes are educational, easy to comprehend, to the point and entertaining.  Best of all, we provide all training at your location saving you and your group time.

AED Sales & Service | AED RepairShopping for an AED? 
A lot of places sell AEDs.  There are internet sites, dive shops and even provision vendors that sell AEDs but often times they are selling you what has the highest profit margin.  They often fail to ask where you will be placing the AED, who will be using the AED, will the AED be exposed to heat, humidity, water or other hazards not compatible with all AEDs.  Another disadvantage when buying over the internet or over the telephone is placement.  Where are you going to place the AED?  You need quick easy access.  You don’t want to store an AED in difficult to reach areas of the boat.  Typically, when a customer purchases an AED from my company I like to personally deliver the AED and see where it’s going to be placed and talk with the customer about locations.  We also encourage training where we run different emergency scenarios such as sudden cardiac arrest in tight quarters like the bilge.  Our goal is to help the customer select the right AED, chose a good location for the AED and train the customer how to properly use and maintain the AED.  

Another key element is maintenance and inspecting the AED.  Once you own an AED you can’t stick it in the closet and forget about it.  You must check it monthly, replace the battery and pads before they expire and keep an inspection log.  This too is part of our onboard classes where we teach everyone how to perform an inspection and what to look for.

What about training?  Who teaches the onboard CPR AED First Aid classes?
Keith Murray is the owner of The CPR School, LLC.  Keith is a former City of Stuart EMT Firefighter with over 20 years training experience.  Keith holds a masters degree from Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania and has instructed people of all ages and backgrounds including boat captains, yacht crew and other marine professionals.

Keith works with captains and crew and has first hand industry knowledge.  A frequent contributor to The Triton (an International newspaper for ship captains and crew), Keith writes a monthly column on CPR, AED, First Aid and various medical emergencies that can occur at sea.

Please click on the links below to read these articles (The Triton - MegaYacht News).
Treating Eye Injuries at Sea 
Treatiing a Bloody Nose at Sea 
Treating Diabetic Emergencies at Sea
CPR and AED to treat Cardiac Arrest at SeaTreating Sudden Cardiac Arrest at Sea 
Treating a Heart Attack at Sea
It’s time to open that first aid kit and see what’s in there
Treating Depression at Sea
All yachts should carry an AED
When insect bites cause a severe reaction, quick care is needed
Heat illnesses can sneak up on you, so know when to seek shade
Treating gunshots not like it is in the movies or on TV
Fatal snakebites rare but still require emergency first-aid
Being prepared for emergencies is key to happy, healthy endings
Use RICE to treat sprains, strains, bruises
Know the signs, act quickly to treat heart attack victims
January is the right month to freshen up your first aid kit
Care, safety of drunken guests part of crew responsibilities
Sight of blood shocking, so preparedness is key
Understanding strokes and what to do to help a victim
Drills are key for a good emergency outcome
Douse heat-related emergencies
Be prepared for sudden cardiac arrest on board- As with other emergencies at sea, train crew on what to do and have the proper equipment to save lives

Why use The CPR School vs. another CPR School?
Two year certification, cards can be issued at the time of the class, short but thorough classes that cover all required and necessary information, professional instruction by courteous, prompt and fun instructors.  All instruction performed by trained EMS personnel and most importantly we show up on time every time Guaranteed!

How do I schedule a class?
The best way to do this is to call us at 561-762-0500.  You can also e-mail us at Keith@TheCPRSchool.com.

What about Admiralty And Maritime Law and attorneys that specialize in this Admiralty And Maritime Law?
I am not going to promise you that we can prevent all accidents, injuries and lawsuits onboard your boat but I will promise you that the safety training we provide is very thorough.  Our onboard CPR AED and First Aid Safety training certification classes will teach your staff what to do, and what not to do in the event of a medical emergency while onboard your boat.  We will also work with you and your team to review the ships medical kit and automated external defibrillator (AED) making certain that everything is current, propertly inspected, tested and ready for use should you require it. 
Below is a good link for additional information on this topic.  http://www.admiraltylawguide.com/usgov.html 

CPR AED and First Aid Scheduling - Please call 561-762-0500
E-mail us at Keith@TheCPRSchool.com for more information.

Palm Beach County Florida Marinas
Admirals Cove Marina:  200 Admirals Cove Blvd., Jupiter FL 561-744-1700. 
Australian Docks: 500 Australian Ave. Docks, Palm Beach FL. 561-838-5463.
Bluffs Marina:  1329 Tidal Pointe Blvd.. Jupiter FL 561-627-6688 
Blowing Rocks Marina 18487 S.E. Federal Hwy Tequesta, Fl 33469  
561-746-3312  Fax 561-744-3158
Buccaneer Marina  142 Lake Drive  Palm Beach Shores, Florida 33404 
561-842-1620   Fax: 561-844-2776
Boca Raton Resort & Club: 501 E. Camino Real, Boca Raton. 561-447-3474.
Cannonsport Marina: 178 Lake Drive, Palm Beach Shores.
561-848-7469 or 800-627-8328 Fax: 561-844-9007
Delray Harbor Club Marina: 1035 S. Federal Hwy., Delray Beach, Florida 561- 276-0376.
Florida Marine:  2001 Broadway, Riviera Beach.  561-840-1694
Frenchman's Marina Resort 2700 Donald Ross Rd Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410   561-627-6358  Fax: 561-627-7523
Loggerhead Club and Marina: 2700 Donald Ross Road, Palm Beach Gardens Florida   561-627-6358.
Gateway Marina: 8250 S. Federal Hwy., Hypoluxo.  561-588-1211.
Gundlach’s Marina: 870 N. Federal Hwy, 561-582-4422
Harbor Point Marina: 2221 Monet Rd. North Palm Beach, Florida
561-622-6890. Fax: 561-624-0582
Inlet Harbor Marina:  Lakeshore Drive, Riviera Beach, Florida
JIB Yacht Club & Marina: 46 Beach Road, Tequesta, Florida
561-746-4300  Fax (561) 743-8680
Inlet Village Marina 18085 North A1A  Jupiter, FL 33469 (561) 741-1288
Jonathan’s Landing Marina: 3238 Casseekey Island Road, Jupiter Florida 561-747-8980  Fax 561-747-8986
Jupiter Seasport Marina:  1095 N. A1A, Jupiter, Florida
561-575-9153  Fax 561-575-9153
Lake Park Marina:  105 Lakeshore Drive, Lake Park.
Lott Brothers Marina: 631 Northlake Blvd., N. Palm Beach.  561-844-0244
Marina Delray:  777 Palm Trail, Delray Beach.  561-265-0666.
Murrelle Marine: 846 N. Dixie Hwy., Lantana. 561-582-3213.
New Port Cove Marine Center & Boatyard: 255 E. 22nd Court, Riviera Beach.   561-844-2504.   Fax 561-863-5086
North Palm Beach Marina - 1037 Marina Drive  North Palm Beach, Florida 33408   Phone: 561-626-4919    Fax: 561-626-8857
Old Port Cove Marina: 112 Lakeshore Drive, North Palm Beach, FL
561-626-1760  Fax: 561-775-0217
Palm Beach Yacht Center: 7848 S. Federal Hwy., Hypoluxo. 561-588-9911
Palm Beach Yacht Club & Marina:  800 N. Flagler Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33401   561-655-1944   Fax 561-833-6154
Palm Harbor Marina: 400-A North Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach FL
561-655-4757 Fax: 561-659-0245
Riviera Beach Municipal Marina: 200 E. 13th St., Riviera Beach
561-842-7806; Fax: 561-845-8197
Rybovich Spencer: 4200 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach FL 
561-844-1800 Fax 561-844-8393
Sailfish Marina & Resort: 98 Lake Drive, Palm Beach Shores. 800-446-4577
Seagate Marina: 18753 SE Federal Hwy.,Tequesta FL.
561-746-2600.   Fax: 561-743-7634
Soverel Harbor Marina: 2401 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens FL.
561-691-9554.  Fax: 561-691-9557
Town of Palm Beach Docks:  500 Australian Avenue Docks Palm Beach, FL 33480 Phone: 561-838-5463  Fax: 561-838-5499

Port Everglades: 1850 Eller Drive, Fort Lauderdale.  954-523-3404
Security Sub Station BSO Command Center:  954-765-4511
Port of Miami: 1015 N. American Way, Miami.  305-371-7678
Port of Palm Beach: 1 E. 11th St., Riveria Beach.  561-383-4100.

Professional associations
Marine Industries Association of
Palm Beach County:
PO Box 7597, West Palm Beach, Fl. 33405. 561-832-8444

Pump-out stations
Australian Docks:
500 Australian Ave., Palm Beach. 561-838-5463.
Bluffs Marina:  1320 Tidal Pointe Blvd. Jupiter.  561-627-6688.
Cannonsport Marina: 178 Lake Drive, Palm Beach Shores. 561-848-7469 or 800-627-8328.
City of Delray: 159 Marine Way, Delray Beach. 561-243-7250.
Loggerhead Club & Marina: 2700 Donald Ross Road, Palm Beach Gardens. 561-627-6358.
Harbor Point Marina: 2221 Monet Road, North Palm Beach. 561-622-6890.
Jonathan’s Landing Marina: 3238 Casseekey Island Road, Jupiter. 561-747-8980.
New Port Cove Marine Center & Boatyard: 255 E. 22nd Court, Riviera Beach.  561-844-2504.
North Palm Beach Marina: 1037 Marina Drive, N. Palm Beach.  561-626-4919.
Palm Beach Yacht Center: 7848 S. Federal Hwy., Hypoluxo. 561-588-9911.
Riviera Beach Municipal Marina: 200 E. 13th St., Riviera Beach. 561-842-7806.
Rybovich Spencer: 4200 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach. 561-844-1800.

Miami - Dade County Marinas

Airport Marina, 2669 NW 33rd St. Miami, FL 33142 305-634-1686
Black Point Marina   24775 SW 87th Ave., Cutler Ridge, Fl. 33032 (305) 258-4092
Brickell Place Marina, 1901 Brickell Ave. Miami, FL 33129 305-858-7760
Castaways Marina, 16375 Collins Ave. North Miami Beach, FL 33160 305-945-3461
Crandon Marina  4000 Crandon Blvd., Key Biscayne (305) 361-1281. 
Coconut Grove Sailing Club  2990 S. Bayshore Dr., Coconut Grove.  (305) 444-4571
Coco Plum Yacht Club  6001 S. Prado Blvd., Coral Gables. (305) 663-1353
Dinner Key Marina   3400 Pan American Dr., Coconut Grove 33133, (305) 579-6980
Fisher Island Club & Marina, 1 Fisher Island Dr. Miami, FL 33109 305-535-6000
Grove Harbor Marina, 2640 S. Bayshore Dr., Miami, FL. 33133 305-854-6444
Grove Isle Marina, Four Grove Isle Dr., Coconut Grove, FL. 33133. 305-858-5211
Grove Key Marina 3375 Pan American Dr., Coconut Grove 33133 (305) 858-6527
Haulover Park  10800 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fl. 33154 (305) 947-3525
Hi-Lift Marina, 2890 NE 187th St. Miami Beach, FL 33180 305-931-2550
Homestead Bayfront Park Marina  9698 SW 328 St., Homestead, Fl. (305) 230-3033.
Hurricane Cove Marina and Boatyard 1884 NW North River Dr., Miami (305) 324-8004
Jockey Club Marina, 11111 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL  33161  305-899-9629
Keystone Point Marina, 1950 NE 135th St. North Miami, FL 33181 305-940-6236
Marine Stadium Marina 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami. 33149
Matheson Hammocks  9610 Old Cutler Road, Miami, Fl. 33156   305-665-5475
Maule Lake Marina  17201 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami Beach. (305) 945-0808
Miamarina at Bayside 401 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. (305) 579-6955
Miami Beach Marina  300 Alton Rd., Miami Beach. 33139 (305) 673-6000. 
Monty's Marina  2550 S. Bayshore Dr., Coconut Grove, Fl. 33133 305-854-7997
Mystic Pointe Marina  3575 Mystic Pointe Dr., Aventura, Florida | (305) 682-8777
North Beach Marina  724 NE 79th St., Miami, Fl. 33139 (305) 758-8888
Palm Bay Club and Marina  720 NE 69th St., Miami  (305) 751-3700
Pelican Harbor  1275 NE 79th St., Miami, Fl. 33138 (305) 754-9330
Powerhouse Marina, 13255 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami, Florida. 305-892-2628.
Rickenbacker Marina  3301 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Sealine Marina & Yachting Center  1635 N. Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33132
305- 377-3625
Snapper Creek Marina, 11190 Snapper Creek Rd., Miami, FL 33173 305-661-0505
Sunny Isles Marina  400 Sunny Isles Blvd. (305) 944-9182
Sunset Harbor Marina  1982 Sunset Harbor Dr., Miami Beach, Fl 33149 (305) 673-0044
Turnberry Isle Marina Yacht Club, 19735 Turnberry Way, Aventura, FL 33180 305-933-6934
Waterways Marina 3601 NE 207th St. Aventura, Fl. (305) 935-4295.
Williams Island Marina, 7900 Island Blvd., Williams Island, FL  33160 305-937-7800

Fort Lauderdale - Broward County Marinas
Bahia Mar Yachting Center 801 Seabreeze Blvd., Ft Lauderdale 33316 (954) 764-2233
Banyan Bay, 4491 Anglers Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33321 954-893-0004
Best Western Marina Inn & Yacht Harbor, 2150 SE 17th St. Causeway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316  954-525-3484
Bradford Marine 954-791-3800
Broward Marine 954-522-1701
Cable Marine West 954-587-4000
City of Ft. Lauderdale Marina, 2 S. New River Dr., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 954-761-5423 1-800-FTL-DOCK
Cooley's Landing, City of Ft. Lauderdale Municipal Docks  | 954-468-1626
Coral Ridge Yacht Club  954-566-7886
Everglades Marina, 1810 SE 17th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 | 954-763-3030
First Performance Marina, F1900 SE 15th St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316  954-763-8743
Foster's Marine, 2001 SW 20th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 
954-523-5135  877-733-4887  Fax: 954-523-8250
Ft. Lauderdale Municipal Marina at Las Olas Bridge (954) 759-5200
Hall of Fame Marina 435 Seabreeze Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale 33316. (954) 764-3975
Harbor Islands Marina (954) 457-8557 ICW Marker 42
Hidden Harbor Marina LLC  (954) 786-5210
Hurricane Harbor Yacht Basin Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312  954-583-7545
Jackson Marine Center 1915 SW 21st Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312  954-792-4900 Lauderdale Marina 1900 SE 15th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316  954-523-8507
Lauderdale Marine Center, 2001 SW 20th St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 954-527-0040
Lauderdale Yacht Club (954) 524-5500
Lou's Tackle & Marina, 3463 Griffin Rd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 954-989-9219
Marina 84, 2698 Marina Bay Dr. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315   954-581-3313
Marina Bay Hotel Resort & Marina  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312   954-791-7600
Marina Inn & Yacht Harbor 2150 SE 17th St., Ft. Lauderdale 33316 | 954 525-3484
Marriott Portside Marina 1875 SE 17th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 954-527-6781
New River Marina, 3001 State Rd. 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 | 954-584-2500
New River/Downtown Municipal Docks  (954) 761-5423
Norseman Marine (954) 467-1407
Pier 17 Marina & Yacht Club, 1500 SW 17th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312  954-525-4726
Pier 66 Yacht Harbor 2301 SE 17th Causeway, Ft. Lauderdale 33316
954-525-6666   800-327-3796
The Port Marina, 1801 SE 17th St., Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316 954-880-8410
River Bend Marina 1515 SW 20th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 | 954-523-1832
Riverfront Marina, 420 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 | 954-527-1829
Riverside Hotel (954) 467-0671
Rolly Marine Service (954) 583-5300
Roscioli Yacht Center  (954) 581-9200
Sandpiper Resort Apartment & Marina, 91 Isle of Venice, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 954-527-0026
Sundance Marine, 1335 SE 16th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 | 954-522-2800
Sunrise Harbor Megayacht Marina, 1030 Seminole Dr., Fort Lauderdale, FL, 954-667-6720 Sun Power Diesel  413 SW 3rd Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 33315. (954) 522-4775  (800) 522-5775 Yacht Basin, Inc. (954) 792-9260
Yacht Haven Park & Marina, 2323 State Rd. 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312  954-583-2322

Stuart / Martin County Marinas
C. Foster Marina  3385 SE Dixie Hwy Stuart, FL 34997 Tel: 561-286-2118
Harbor Inn Marina 307 N. River Dr. Stuart, FL 34994
Indian River Plantation Marriott 585 NE Ocean Blvd. Stuart, FL 34996 Tel: 561-255-6989
Jack Noll's, Inc. 4715 SE DeSoto Ave. Stuart, FL 34995
Mariner Cay Marina 3901 SE St. Lucie Blvd. Stuart, FL 34997 Tel: 561-286-8145
Martin Downs Marina 250 SW Monterey Rd. Stuart, FL 34994
Monterey Marina 200 SW Monterey Rd. Stuart, FL 34994 Tel: 561-286-3456
Northside Marina 400 NW Alice Ave. Stuart, FL 34994 Tel: 561-692-4000
Pirate's Cove Resort & Marina 4307 S.E. Bayview St. Stuart, FL 34997 Tel: 772-287-2500
Riverwatch Marina 200 SW Monterey Rd. Stuart, FL 34994
Sailfish Marina 3565 SE St. Lucie Blvd. Stuart, FL 34997 Tel: 561-283-1122
Sailfish Point Marina 6908 SE North Marina Way Stuart, FL 34996 Tel: 561-225-1700
Stuart Cay Marina 290 N. Dixie Hwy Stuart, FL 34994 Tel: 772-220-2185 1-800-247-1230
Top Side Marina 3585 SE St. Lucie Blvd. Stuart, FL 34997 561-220-4855 
Waterside Place Marina 221 E. Oscelola St. Stuart, FL 34994
Wood's Cove Marina 350 SW Monterey Rd. Stuart, FL 34994 Tel: 561-287-1298

Did you see us at the 2009 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show?  Keith Murray from The CPR School was demonstrating CPR and how to use an AED – Automated External Defibrillator at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the world's largest boat show with more than $3 billion worth of boats, sport fishing boats, yachts, superyachts, megayachts, and marine accessories.  The CPR School was invited to attend the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to demonstrate Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and talk about our onboard CPR AED and First Aid Safety training classes.


Disclaimer: The CPR School, LLC is an American Heart Association Training Site. The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in CPR, First Aid and AED use and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Mention of their name or use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association, and any fees charged for such a course do not represent income to the Association.

The STCW 95 regulations came into force with full compliance required on February 1, 2002. The CPR School personnel stay current on the interpretation and implementation of STCW and USCG regulations.  Contact The CPR School for individual concern and explanations.

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