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Emergency First Aid TrainingWhen you compare our CPR AED & First Aid Training to the other guys we are certain you will find we are the better value.  Please take the time to compare and make certain you get the quality training you deserve. 

Question: If you wanted to take swimming lessons, would you trust a swimming or diving instructor that was never actually in the water?  Make sure your CPR instructor has the experience, education and qualifications to teach CPR AED and First Aid.  Your life may depend on it.

The CPR SchoolThe Other Guys
Are the instructors Florida licensed EMT’s?     Yes       ??
Money back guarantee on training classes?     Yes       ??
The instructors teaching experience?  20+ Years       ??
Has the instructor actually used CPR to save lives?     Yes       ??
Has the instructor actually used an AED to save lives?     Yes       ??
Has the instructor actually performed first aid on real people?     Yes       ??
Are the classes both informative and entertaining?     Yes       ??
Is the instructor a full time staff member or a temporary subcontractor?   Full Time       ??
Risk Management Knowledge / Experience?     Yes       ??
Professional, well spoken instructor?     Yes       ??
$2,000,000.00 Liability Insurance?     Yes       ??
Does the instructor have a 4 year college degree?     Yes       ??
2 Year Certification Cards Issued at class?     Yes       ??
Free AED inspection with paid training class?     Yes       ??
Tempus IC Telemedicine Certified Instructors     Yes       ??
Onboard Classes?     Yes       ??

Marine vessels are very expensive but your life is priceless.  Don't cut corners on quality CPR AED and First Aid Training Classes.  Make certain your crew is ready to handle all medical emergencies with onboard CPR AED and First Aid training.

The CPR School guarantees that our onboard CPR AED and First Aid classes will be conducted by a professional instructor with real CPR AED and First Aid experience.  We will not put in a video and ask your crew to watch TV.  The classes will be informative, where questions are encouraged and answers are always clear.

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Please call us at 561-762-0500 with any questions or to schedule an onbaord CPR AED First Aid Safety class for your crew.